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Arrival in Paris

This has been a phenomenally long day, but was practically perfect in every way in comparison to my last first day in Paris. This is a boring blow-by-blow of my day and trip with little things I want to remember.


The view during our descent into Paris, taking by my charming Breton seat mate

The Plane This airplane trip was fully of personalities. There was a very peppy group of sorority girls that greeted each other with a VERY LOUD, “BONJOUR BITCH!” (All of the French people within in hearing suddenly had very wide, surprised eyes). There was one of the rudest passengers I’ve ever seen on a flight. She packed the LARGEST carry on I’ve ever seen, got mad when it couldn’t be stored near her, expected that her seat would be moved to place her near her bag and suggested she should be somehow compensated for this, she took videos of herself dancing in her seat for a good hour, about an hour before we arrived she got her carry on down from where they had stowed it at the front of the plane and spent probably a good 20 minutes in the rest room primping…all while being incredibly rude to the flight attendants who were unfailing patient with her (THOUGH — there definitely were some exceedingly annoyed looks and the two dealing with her did a *little* totally deserved bitching.) Completely entertaining and horrifying.

This was probably the best batch of in inflight movies I’ve had in recent memory…I watched Florence Foster Jenkins (HUGH GRANT LOOKS OLD), Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (omg, I loved it), and Bridget Jones’s Baby (much better than I was expecting and COLIN FIRTH LOOKS OLD).

The flight arrived early, I cleared customs relatively quickly, gathered my bags and made my way through Paris proper to the small suburb. I had time to kill because checkin at my airbnb was not until 1, so I sat on a bench for a bit, then I went to a cafe where I spoke some rusty French that the lady at the cafe very kindly complimented. I ate a tarte with onion, courgette, cranberries, and a type of cheese I forget. I stayed there for a bit and read until I settled into my AirBnb (a very nice couple with a young son who airbnbs their bottom floor). I showered and napped, then met my dear friend Lindsey and we went grocery shopping, then back to her apartment, where she made a delish dinner. We then went out for a little walk and a dessert crepe.


La Soeur Tartin: a crepe with carmelized apples, vanilla ice cream, chantily, salted caramel sauce, and pralines. 

All in all, not very eventful or crazy exciting. I had wanted to go to the Louvre, but I underestimated the level of my tired. I’m off for bed now for a fun, ease-myself-into-the-European-walking kind of day. There wil be pictures that will be SO much more exciting than these here.

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