Rome 2015

From the Archive: Italy has all the views


Friday consisted of one in-town stop and two out-of-town stops.

First, we explored the Tomb of the Baker and the Porta Maggiore (top pictures). Then, it was on to modern-day Palestrina where we explored the remains of the sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia which once again provided another fantastic view of the town itself and then at a distance (second level of images), Rome and the sea. We explored the site, and then the museum which had a well-known Nilotic mosaic (third level of pics).

After Palestrina we hopped on the bus again to go to Tusculum a small town also not far outside of Rome with several villas (though none attributed to Cicero, the most sought after villa of them all). We, however, explored the town, not the villas. We had a picnic lunch with ANOTHER view (row 4) and then explored the remains of the town.

And just like that week 2 was over!

This upcoming week looks to be a doozy. Monday and Tuesday will be spent in Campania exploring the Naples Archaeological Museum, Herculaneum, and Pompeii. The rest of the week will concentrate on the early imperial sites and material in the city.

This weekend (Days 17 & 18) has been entirely lazy. I did laundry, relaxed, ate an American breakfast at a café called Homebaked, and did not much else. It’s the last free weekend of my time in Rome so I spent it relaxing since that won’t be the name of the game from here on out!

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