Rome 2015

From the Archive: This View Never Gets Old (Pun Intended)


I think for the foreseeable future (okay, the next 4 Mondays—wow….only 4 😦 ) I will take a day off from blogging. Typically, Mondays are lecture days at the Academy so I am not taking a copious amount of pictures unlike the rest of the week.

Monday was fabulous though. We had two guest lectures (one on Latin poets during the Hellenistic period and the other on the relationship between Roman gladiators and Stoicism) and then we learned about Roman building techniques. I also participated in the Material Culture seminar which I mightily enjoyed; the topic of the day, pottery!

Today has been kind of light activity wise. We explored the so-called Tabularium and the Temple of Veiovis within the structure of the Tabularium/Capitoline Museums. The view of the Forum was astounding – I could observe it for hours, days, months, years.

Afterwards we explored the Largo Argentina temples (and local cat sanctuary) and the Southern Campus Martius and the buildings that were constructed during the mid- to late-Republic and in the Augustan period.

My task for the afternoon was to find an umbrella (the one thing I forgot to pack) and get a suppli and eat it. I was successful in both my quests and spent a total of 5€ combined for both of them. The umbrella is necessary for tomorrow’s outing where we are all but guaranteed rain.

For tomorrow – exploring the remains of Alba Fucens a Roman colony to the east of Rome! In the rain!

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