Rome 2015

From the Archive: On the Way to the Forum


Today was a long, tiring day, but I got to see several things I have been waiting ages to see.

This week in the Classical Summer School we are doing Early Rome and Etruscans so we mainly concentrated on Archaic and Early Republican monuments (even though several exist currently in a later Imperial form and that only partially). Being in the Forum was fabulous; it’s great to see the pictures of monuments and landscapes you have for so long read and studied and to see them in the flesh.

We also went to the Sant’Omobono temple complex which was fascinating. I had read about it and talked about it in classes before; it’s a religious complex that includes a 15th(? – I think 15th) century church, 2 Republican era temples (Mater Matuta and Fortuna), and below the Republican temples, an Archaic one. From this excavation we have some of the earliest large scale figural sculpture (which I’ll see later when we visit museums), terracotta statues of Hercules and Minerva which were acroteria. I had been told that the archaeological excavation of this site is complex, and believed it, but it was nice to see it for myself.

After we returned to our neighborhood, our program director asked us if we wanted to try something tasty. (The answer to this question, especially in Italy, should always be YES). This something was called a suppli which was mozzarella, rice, red sauce all breaded and fried. Like a super-extreme-most-delicious cheese stick ever.

Tomorrow: Tarquinia and Cerveteri to see Etruscan stuffs!

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