Rome 2015

From the Archive: Day One


My flights to Rome were surprisingly easy. Everything was on time and felt pretty swift. United has also upgraded their planes recently; they’re all looking pretty swanky. At almost the last minute, I upgraded my seat on my flight from Dulles to Rome from Economy to Economy Plus. All that really afforded was a closer seat to the door and FIVE inches of extra seat room.  I was really pleased with the upgrade and plan on doing it for the reverse trip as well. It was my first time flying aisle EVER–I think I’m hooked. They fed us every hour it seemed.

I watched the new Cinderella starring Lily James and Robb Stark (good), Into the Woods (AMAZING), and then Harry Potter 5 after my attempt to sleep was unsuccessful. I think by the time I felt like sleeping, I was getting too uncomfortable to actually sleep. Too much sitting.

Arrival at the airport was relatively swift–the longest task, was the passport control, which was owing to crowds rather than inefficiency. My bag came out as soon as I pulled up to the carousel and the shuttle I’d reserved provided a driver with a sign with my name so there was like zero hanging around in the airport.

Which brings me to Italian driving. I mean. I knew it was a thing. It’s insane. My driver was a very GOOD driver, the rules are just very different  Lanes are optional; they’re more like suggestions resulting in a constant swerving. Tight squeezes are a must. The weak perish. And, god, the mopeds/scooters.

I got here well before my program begins so that gives me a chance to rest, get the lay of the land and also settle a few things. My goal for tomorrow is to get my Italian cell phone set up so I don’t feel like  I’m walking around with no brain (I’m not thinking too hard about how addicted this means I am to phone technology, but choosing to see it a safety concern…and convenience.)

Today has a been a bum around kind of day. I walked down to a market and realized how abysmal my Italian is. Also, how culturally different yogurt flavors are. Apple, coffee, and biscotti were the most popular (and other variations), though there are what I’d consider ‘regular’ flavors pomegranate and blueberry.

Until tomorrow…hopefully!

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